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Charla Mae Larkin Aid

Charla Mae Larkin was born on December 31, 1935, to Turner and Roberta Brown. She was the only girl of five children. Charla was a single mother to 12 children- two of whom she adopted. It was not easy for her at all. She struggled in every facet but made sure that her children were never without the things they needed. Charla dedicated her life to helping those in need. She worked as a social worker for 26 years with the Division of Youth and Family Services, earning her Associates' degree in Sociology from St. Peter’s College.

Charla was a loving and dedicated mother, mentor, friend, and confidant to all of her children and those who knew her. Charla loved life and found great joy in spending time with her family and helping others.

Charla Mae Larkin Aid is dedicated to an amazing woman that was the epitome of a single mother. Charla Mae Larkin Aid will provide single mothers with financial assistance to provide their children with their needs, including rent and bill assistance, Christmas Angels, school aid, and groceries.

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