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Community Outreach

 To give, click the donate button of your choice below.   Your donations prove a valuable part of the support we need to reach each and every mom and family.

Red Wall & Stairs


TaylorsFUND will help a single mother start up a nonprofit or business. They will be asked to make a donation back into TaylorsFUND to help the next single mother.

Red Wall & Stairs

Charla Mae Larkin AID

Charla Mae Larkin Aid is dedicated to an amazing woman that was the epitome of a single mother. Charla Mae Larkin Aid will provide single mothers with financial assistance to provide their children with their needs. 

Red Wall & Stairs

Aletha “Bedda” Robinson Scholarship

Aletha “Bedda” Robinson Scholarship will aid a single mother to further her 

educational goals to make a better life for her family.

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